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Real estate operations
Choice of the real estate acquisition structure for individuals or professionals
Use of a French vehicle (SCI, SNC, SARL) versus a foreign one,interposition of holding companies and/or use of trust arrangements. analysis of applicable tax treatis. Analysis and recommendations as per the use of the asset: main or secondary residence, rental investment (furnished, unfurnished, professional or non professional). Property dealer and/or construction sales.
Tax planning
Income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, tax of three times the rental value, registration duties, VAT, 3% tax, etc.
Incorporation of the chosen structure
Drafting-by-laws, registration with the tax office and the relevant organisations.
Coordination of real estate acquisitions and sales
Follow and coordinate the works of notary publics, real estate agents, banks and accountants. Check the presale agreement and the deed of sale, coordinate payment and insurance of the asset. Represent at the notary public office if required. Carry out studies in urbanism law, construction law and labour law.