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Individual taxation and estate planning
Analysis of tax residence in France and other countries
Impact of domestic law and bilateral tax treaties, split of residence, qualification and taxation of income and assets, tax optimisation of relocation to and from France with retirement and expatriation matters.
Analysis of impacts of tax situation
Income tax, capital gains tax, social taxes, wealth tax, tax of three time the rental value, registration duties, real estate VAT and local taxes.
International mobility
Specific taxation of impatriates, expatriates and detached individuals.
Estate and inheritance planning
Optimisation of taxation of income and assets (income tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax), analysis under international private law of applicable marital regimes and inheritance laws.
Company transfer strategy
“Dutreil” pacts, acquisition by a holding company, etc.
Remuneration of directors
Stock options, free share schemes, bonus incentives…
Tax returns
Preparation of tax returns regarding income tax, withholding tax, wealth tax.